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Mascot Accessories

Lydia Mason Designs offers a wide range of accessories with our mascots.


1. An internal cooling system which is placed in the mascot head.  This is a  muffin fan which  moves 35 cubic feet of air per minute, is powered by one 9 volt battery, and has an on/off switch.

2. A heavy duty vinyl shipping and storage bag.  Additional duffel bags are offered for the feet, head and body. 

3. Digitized and embroidered crests which match your company name or logo.

4. A comprehensive mascot manual, which focuses  on cleaning, maintenance and operator performance techniques.

5. A small emergency repair kit, various brushes and disinfectant spray.

                                                                MASCOT ACCESSORY OPTIONS

1. Digital textile printing in large format prints.

2. Cooling vests for the operator.  These vests incorporate the new "Change Phase" material, which produces a constant cool temperature for hours.

3. Hard shell cases, which can come in a variety of sizes and shapes.  These are made from a combination of polyethylene, ABS plastic and aluminum.


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